We have been officially homeschooling our oldest son (who's in kindergarten) since July. And I'm not gonna lie, in the beginning, IT WAS ROUGH. Talk about an entire lifestyle change! We've had to take everything we've thought about conventional education, and change our way of thinking drastically. Everything I know about learning in a public school setting is just not the reality for my kids. We don't HAVE to get up and rush to do school before 8 am. We don't HAVE to do school at the table. We don't even have to do school inside if we want! Or in the city or state we're in! We can learn all. day. long. And it has been challenging to find a groove.

I've had days like THIS ONE where I questioned everything we're doing. I've had days like THIS ONE where I felt like a prisoner. I've had days that have been full of joy and purpose and inspire me to keep going!

Praise God for those days!

So we've kept at it. I can't believe it's only been three months. It feels like we've always been homeschooling. Somehow, it's just become apart of day and we are adjusting to it. We are finding groups of homeschooling friends. We are finding activities and having fun thinking outside of the box. 

Somehow, it's all working out. 

I'm not saying the days aren't hard and long. They ARE. Some days, I STILL question whether we are doing the right thing. But if our kids were in school, I would have the same thoughts just about different things. No situation is perfect. No form of education is perfect and it's going to look different for all of us. 

But for this year, Jason and I are committed to teaching them in our home. And honestly? As long as our career looks the way it does, we will most likely homeschool. We value time with our family and we work strange hours. We would never see our kids at this point in our lives if we sent them to school. 

It's just not worth it. 

So it's finally going good and feeling like we are in a good place. I am using My Father's World curriculum, which is awesome and helps structure our days. I started a blog that was chronicling our homeschooling adventures called Stellar Day Kids. But honestly? I just found that I don't have time to keep it up anymore. BUT I do have an Instagram account set aside for our homeschooling adventures. You can follow us at @thelifeofahomeschooler as well as this blog where I'll give updates from time to time. 

And if you're interested in reading a very long blog post about why we chose homeschooling to begin with, check out my original blog post HERE.

We feel it's important to keep them home for now. Will it always be like this? I don't know. We are open to whatever road God wants to bring us to, and plan to reevaluate each year to see if we should keep going. Right now we don't have any reason to not keep going. 

It's awesome because it's just more time we get together as a family. And we are totally ok with that.