Loosen Up.

Sometimes you just gotta loosen up! I'm on my journey of getting in shape and eating right while I do the 21 Day Fix. It's been an amazing journey so far! I actually completed the program once, and I'm getting ready to begin it again.

But I'm in an accountability group online and my coach gives us challenges. Some hard, some for fun. She asked us to post a photo of ourselves during our day once, with a silly or crazy face. This was my photo.


But it reminded me, that it's totally ok to loosen up every once in awhile! We don't need to look or be perfect. Life is supposed to be fun! I've spent the past two years crying my eyes out (over personal things that I don't really wish to share- but it IS all ok now!) and so it's been relieving and healing to have a group of ladies in my life that let me post stupid photos of myself like this. 

And now I feel liberated enough to share it here. 

That's what it's all about guys. Jump into things and experience life. Loosen up and let it go.

Que the music in 1...2....