At the beginning of the year, myself and three other photographer friends (Mike Olbinski, Jay Worsley, & Andrew Fleming) traversed in an RV across nearly all four corners of the state we call home, Arizona. We set out to have an adventure together, to celebrate and challenge ourselves in the art of photography and filmmaking, and to rediscover the foundation of the relationship and connection between ourselves, creation, and God, the one who created it all.

Over the course of those four days and nights we laughed a lot. A LOT. We made a ton of images. We filmed pretty much the entire trip. But we were also able to be isolated amidst some of the most wondrous ways that God chooses to showcase his grandeur and immense love for us. Through beauty and art and laughter and exploration, we drew a little closer to what we've lost in our frantic urban existences.

We did our very best to try and encapsulate that in a short film, called "LOST//DISCOVERED".

The film will be premiering at Dakota in downtown Scottsdale, AZ on Tuesday, March 3rd at 7PM. Click here for a map of the Dakota venue.

There will also be an additional showing at The Film Bar in downtown Phoenix, AZ on Saturday, March 7th at 9PM. Click here for a map to The Film Bar.

Check out the official Facebook event page for more details here. Both showings will be totally FREE admission.

We would LOOOOVE for you to join us on either night so we can meet you! Also stay tuned for more imagery and an official LOST//DISCOVERED website. This will definitely not be the last L//D trip. :)