Test Shots

Our kids are hysterical. I mean like, if you know them you can attest to the fact that they are awesome little human beings full of their own little quirks and personalities. I love the fact that we have always had our business right alongside having a family. Literally, we started this business the year our oldest, Cruz, was born. So they've always been along for the ride and have just jumped in, adapted, and watched what we do from the sidelines. 

The other night, we were setting up a little studio in our garage for our latest photo shoot for The Shop. While I was out getting my hair done for said photo shoot, Jay was setting everything up and testing the lights. Needing little subjects to test the lighting on, he had the boys play in front of the camera for a little bit.

Pretty cute photos if I do say so myself.

I cherish these images because it's a reminder to me that we are on the right path. Our kids are in this with us, watching us work hard, watching us chase our dreams. There's not a lot of things more valuable to me than that. They get to be home with us. We are home with THEM. 

It's priceless. These photos are priceless.