Hitting Balls and Grabbing Dinner

Last night we had our first date night in a while! Like, intentional date night with no phones, no interruptions, no real talk about work and not in the car on the way to a photo shoot. 


Even a short one is a real one in my book! 

We headed to Macayo's for dinner to start! So fun. We had our rehearsal dinner here at this very one when we were getting married so it's remained one of our favorite Mexican spots to eat! YUM. 

Then we headed over to Cracker Jax to hit baseballs in the batting cage! We used to do this ALL. THE. TIME. when we were dating. It's super inexpensive- like $1.50 for 18 pitches- and it's really a fun time. And a funNY time too. haha. We Periscoped a bit of our time in the cages, so if you want to check that out, you can see that HERE.

It doesn't have to be epic or even cost a lot of money to be fun and meaningful. We revisited a couple of places that meant something to us and it wasn't glitzy, it wasn't glamourous. But it WAS fun and an awesome time to hang out together. 

What shall we do next week? We'll see!!