Colorado Memories

We are getting ready for our annual Fourth of July trip again and we are pumped!! This trip is the one trip every year that we look forward to SO much. I love that we started this tradition for our family. 

Basically, we've agreed to always travel on the Fourth of July in order to experience how other towns celebrate our country AND to beat the heat in AZ! It's always been my (Jess) favorite holiday, as I really enjoy all things americana and patriotic. Well, we both really do actually. But I've always loved summer and all that it brings. Traveling, BBQ's, swimming, popsicles, hot dogs- all of it! It's just the best and the greatest memories are made. 

At least some of my greatest memories.

So we adventure! And we head out soon! Last year we spent over two weeks in Colorado! First we stopped in Ouray, CO where we spent the Fourth of July. The small town of Ouray sure knows how to party and I'm a little sad we won't be there again this year NOT GONNA LIE. It was so amazing. Small town, relaxed family feel, nestled in the mountains. 


We also spent some time in Telluride after that for a wedding and I honestly think Telluride is one of my favorite places on earth. Really remarkable. Like, I'd like to buy a second home there (as Jason cringes seeing all the money escape our bank account). But really, it's fantastic. 

Here's a few photos from our Instagram from last year as we traveled. This is just a few, as we took SO many. I hope we carry this tradition on for our family for the rest of our lives. We value traveling and being with family so much. It's a blast that our job has the potential to literally take us wherever we want to go. 

To see all the photos on Instagram from last years trip, check out #williamsincolorado. 

To see the photos we WILL be posting as we spend our time this year in Pinetop, AZ, follow #williamsinpinetop.