Date Night Commitment

You know what's hard when you're running a small business, raising three kids, in ministry, and have been married for almost twelve years? 


Finding time for a date night is hard. Finding funds for a regular date night is challenging. Taking another night to be away is and can be a stressful thought. So often we count our coffees in the car up north or on the way to a shoot as a date night. But in all reality, it's NOT. 

Jason and I have been married for almost twelve years which is CRAZY to think about! We can't believe it's been that long! And while we are together very often, finding intentional time to be together and to hang out and do things that aren't work related is a challenge for us.

We are SO busy. Can you relate?

So we have decided to take and accept a date night challenge. The challenge is to make time every week to find a time to have a date. Our finances and budget will make us get creative in this, our lack of time will encourage us to fight for it a bit. But we are excited to carve out time to hang together EVERY week, even if it's only for an hour.

Will YOU do it with us??

We are going to be updating our weekly date ideas and Periscoping them a bit. So follow us on Periscope too if you want to check it out! You can follow us there @jay_and_jess.

Here's to dating your spouse! Whether you're not married yet, been married for a year, ten years or over twenty years, this is something we can ALL be better at. 

So let's do this!